Our Staff

Albert Rutikanga - Founder and Executive Director

Albert Rutikanga

Albert Rutikanga is a professional and passionate educator who was born in the Eastern province of Rwanda. As Genocide Survivor, Albert believes that Peacedu is the best channel to build a society-free from the genocide ideology. Albert runs professionally and diligently day-to-day Peacedu operations. Albert holds Bachelor’s degree in French English with Education and has facilitated numerous workshops in Rwanda about genocide and Holocaust education and Human Rights education. He is more conversant with different education approaches promoted by USC Shoah Foundation and Educators Institute for Human Rights. Albert was involved in teaching students from Quebec, Canada about genocide against the Tutsi through using video conference. Albert was leading the umbrella of genocide survivors Ibuka in former Rukara district in Eastern province of Rwanda. He lives in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.

Umuhire Joyce - Project & Operations Manager

Umuhire Joyce

Joyce Umuhire was born on 25th July 1997 in Rwanda, Gasabo District. Studied her primary and Secondary school at Sonrise High-school in Musanze district with high distinction in Arts from 2007- 2018. She studied Literature, Economics, and History plus other extra subjects. She is currently finishing her Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Management in Global Perspectives at Southern New Hampshire University under Kepler. An author of the recent book “The Letter.” Passionate about Human Rights and Peacebuilding. She has facilitated several workshops on forgiveness reconciliation in different clubs. She has volunteered as an assistant teacher at Kayonza primary school and been in Human and Leadership Clubs. She health Care management and public health. She is currently working as a Program Manager at PeacEducation Initiative Rwanda in Rwanda. PeacEducation Initiative Rwanda is a non-Governmental organization which is more engaged in healing the wounds caused by 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, reconciliation, Peace Building, Human rights Education, and Social Economic Development so as to create tolerant society in order to live in harmony. She also writes books and scripts for movies. She likes helping and working in charity organizations.

Yvone Karugenge - Social media volunteer

Yvone Karugenge

Yvonne is a professional journalist media industry and she has been publishing very important articles featuring unity and reconciliation efforts. Her coverage while working for local radio stations have attracted a good number of people and she has been receiving outstanding feedback from different corners of Rwanda. She has an accurate understanding of Peacedu vision and believes in its driving mission. That is why she uses all her media and public relations skills to scale-up its visibility especially through different media platforms. Yvonne holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from University of Rwanda, Kigali Campus and she lives in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.

Venant NZAMURAMBAHO - Teacher Engagement Officer


Venant NZAMURAMBAHO was born on 1/1/1983, in Mukarange sector,Gicumbi district, Northern province(North Rwanda). He studied at Mukono primary school from 1991 to 2000, at College de Rushaki from 2001 to 2004, at Collège Baptiste de Ngarama from 2004 to 2007 in arts. After getting an A2 certificate he taught languages and political education in E.S.I (Ecole Secondaire Inférieur) of Bwisige for one year then in 2009 he continued university studies in National University of Rwanda where he got a Bachelor’s degree in Faculty of Arts, Media and Social Sciences, the department of Modern languages, the option of English linguistics and literature. In 2017 he did postgraduate in University of Kigali. He is married and has 2children. After ending his studies in National University of Rwanda, he taught English in Groupe Scolaire Rubaya for two years, and then after he shifted from Rubaya to Teacher Training College (TTC) Save for five years. His subjects of interest include English language, literature and communication skills and he is one of the Debating Club advisors at school. Besides his regular class teaching, he has been much interested in peace education and human rights. He is now coordinating a fruitful students ‘club, anti-genocide club ‘Sowers of Peace’ and he is a coordinator of teacher’s peace club ‘Foundation of peace’ in Gisagara district. He attended different trainings in different times. In 2016 he attended a one week training about children’s rights prepared by Save the Children in Gicumbi; in 2016 he attended a training in the areas of the Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights education by Education institute for HUMAN Rights and Aegis Trust. 2016 he attended a training as a part of the Rwanda Peace Education Programme. In 2017 he attended a two day training about Holocaust. He is a member of anti-Genocide clubs that started in 2016; their common focus is to raise awareness about genocide prevention among teenagers (students) and train them in the matter of Peace and Human rights. It is in this way that he is committed to fighting against genocide and its ideology. He is an ambitious fighter for peace and human rights.



I  am a proud Rwandan citizen born 16 July 1992, in Uganda, I studied my primary school at G.S MUZIZI in Rukara sector and secondary studies at Ngarama (college de Baptiste de Ngarama) and A’ level at college de Gisenyi (Inyemeramihigo) in the combination of Physics, Chemistry, and mathematics(PCM)   Currently am an A2 holder in the combination of PCM (mentioned above).and currently am a youth volunteer in Rukara sector where I deal with the responsibility of helping genocide survivors, poor people, and too many activities, And also I was a pump attend in 2015,  also  I was a station manager from 2016 until 2018. Above those activities, I was verificator of RSSB(Rwanda social security board) in Rukara section(healthy center Rukara in 2019). in 2020 I was an agent of BaBYL Healthy in Rukara healthy center.   And now am a community mobilizer in peace education initiative Rwanda, and I have facilitated different programs of Rwandan development which include: helping poor people in the development process, health care, rebuilding, and other different activities.   working closely; with vulnerable genocide survivors and perpetrates who confessed their role during Genocide against the Tutsi to better improve their lives, reconciliation, and peacebuilding.                                        

Contacts: +250788324915

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Facebook: Gasana leonard

Thanks for whatever you have in your heart. Be blessed.

Claudette Mukabutare - CLUB AND OUTREACH volunteer

Claudette Mukabutare

Mukabutare joined Peacedu with good understanding of youth empowerment initiatives .She has worked with different youth organizations especially those operate in the formal education systems. She is travelling nationwide teaching peace and human rights education while always focusing on the role of young people to build safe future generation. .Mukabutare lives in Kigali and she is happily married with two kids.