The Training for Teachers in Gisagara District

One of the objectives of Peace Education Initiative Rwanda is to equip teachers with the skills and knowledge in teaching sensitive tops/genocide studies to the students they are leading in the Peace Clubs that are affiliated to the organization in order to heal the wounds caused by genocide. This will help us to build a better future without hatred or any kind of discrimination. The teachers who lead Peace Clubs at TTC Save and other teachers from neighboring schools were trained about Holocaust and genocide perpetrated against Tutsis in 1994 to strengthen their ability and understanding. This will help them to share the information with the students in the clubs. The teachers created two pyramids, one for hate and the other for hope with the aim of fighting the hatred and bringing social cohesion, hope, and peace. After discussing the genocide perpetrated against Tutsis in 1994, consequences and the ways to the peacebuilding, they continued with the Holocaust. they started with the explanation of the concept ‘Holocaust.’ This was followed by discussing the ways through which it took place. After group activities about the ways the Holocaust was prepared and put into action, every group representative presented the result of the whole group; here the facilitators could intervene when it was necessary. After presentations, the facilitator  Venant added a summary and more clarification as to what the teachers (participants) had already done. This was done by visiting the Holocaust timeline charts.