Peace Education Initiative Rwanda

we teach about peace, and human rights

Peace Education Initiative Rwanda (PEACEDU) is a non-government organization which aims at preventing genocide and mass atrocities through education. PeacEdu is more focused on healing the wounds caused by the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, teaching peace education, working closely with vulnerable genocide survivors, and perpetrates who confessed their role during Genocide against the Tutsi to better improve their lives with reconciliation, and peacebuilding. It is also comprised of youth clubs affiliated to the organization where equip them with Human Rights Education, critical thinking, empathy, and a personal responsibility to reject violence.

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To build a unified society that lives better life in all spheres


Peaceful Societies with improved socio-economic status

Recent Activities


1. Equip rural residents with enough skills and opportunities to grow socioeconomically.

2. Work closely with vulnerable Genocide survivors to better improve their lives

3. Foster peaceful coexistence among young people.


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